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Providing financial assistance to help the next generation of ethnic minority leaders in the greater Seattle area



Despite significant progress within the greater Seattle area, structural inequality based on race, and ethnicity still exist. Our city has its challenges for those that have been underrepresented without the same opportunities. But this challenging reality has seen opportunity arise, as innovative new leaders and organizations are doing great work in creating change and raising up new diverse leadership. We exist to support the courageous people and organizations that are out there everyday overcoming obstacles, and creating positive social change.

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Our mission is to help young underrepresented ethnic minorities get started in a career of non-profit work by providing funding to help cover the costs of bringing them on staff, for a role where they are empowering and raising up future leaders in the greater Seattle area. We do not pretend to have the answers of what needs to be done, but simply want to be a support for the great organizations in our city, by providing funding for those without the access to financial resources. We are aware that many non-profits are working hard with limited budgets, and that bringing on new young staff for new roles can have its challenges.


The Minority Leadership Grant provides financial assistance through grants that are awarded to cover staffing costs of new employees in non-profit work within King County, WA. Grant money can be applied for by either organizations or individuals, but must be for a specific person with a specific job. Grants will be in the range of $3,000-$10,000 per year, and will be awarded quarterly after both written application and in person interview with candidate are conducted. There is no specific limit to number of grants awarded per year, but is based on financial availability.



All ethnic minorities looking for financial grant assistance for jobs in non-profit work are encouraged to apply. Our goal is to help supplement fundraising efforts. Job must be within King County, WA, but applicant can be from anywhere. Priority will be given to full-time jobs, new employees, and first-time applicants.

Please fill out the application and upload a resume. Grant applications will be reviewed quarterly.

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Help us provide more grant funding by donating here.

PayPal takes 2% of every online donation.


To have 100% of your donation go toward future grant revenue, please send in a check written out to: 


"KCML Grant" and send to 

5050 36th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105


Have questions or want to know more? Drop your message and we'll reach out shortly.


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